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A familiar experience that developers and builders love

Friendly and intuitive interface

Easily guide all parties through a simple and straightforward application.

Single Mobile-Friendly Hub

Monitor project progress and enable all parties to complete action items on-the-go. 

Less Paper, Less Stress

Enjoy quick, secure connectivity with trusted financial institutions, payments networks and tax providers. 


A digital platform that helps everyone get paid faster

Smart and efficient

Our complete system documents shifting project conditions to adapt to each unique scenario.

Stay Up-To-Date in Real Time

Browse, edit, and run reports on all projects from anywhere, with direct integration to your CRM. 

Safer and More Accurate

Make more informed and secure decisions faster with all project data at your fingertips. 



Deploys quickly, integrates seamlessly

Optimized rollout

With dynamic excel upload capabilities, deployment takes only a matter of hours.

open platform

Direct connectivity to your CRM, accounting software, etc. reduces repeated work.

Make it your own

Robust configurability makes it easy to meet your unique branding, documentation and compliance requirements. 


Fully compliant, by design



A fully automated audit trail for all project invoices and payments. 


Continual platform updates ensure adherence to changing requirements. 


Integrated change orders, e-consent, payment sources, and lien releases.