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Construction Loan Management

Make your construction lending more efficient by minimizing duplicate data entry and digitally tracking all documentation. Electronically cut all checks and transfer funds to simplify management from permit to CO. 

With Contract Simply, each stakeholder has a portal to input their information and track the status of their items. Real time updates and reminders are only a few clicks away. 

lender loan processing

Lender Portal

Our software platform collects invoices, draw requests, change orders and inspection reports in one place to prevent errors from manually duplicating from emails and PDFs to excel spreadsheets. 

Once a draw is approved, our platform distributes payments and collects lien releases electronically. 

Contractor Portal

With Contract Simply, hunting down subcontractor invoices and lien releases are a thing of the past. Collect all necessary paperwork from your subs on the platform they are most comfortable, their phone. 

With electronic reminders and text message notifications, your subs can submit paperwork and collect payments in the field. 

loan borrower

Borrower Portal

Borrowers have access to draw transaction history, inspection reports, change requests, and lien releases. They can approve draw requests, infuse additional equity and track project progress all from their phone.

Borrowers expect to see real-time updates to amounts paid and line items drawn. Instead of emailing the loan administrator, they can view and download loan records as desired.

contractor - developer

Inspector Portal

Our inspector portal allows the inspector to create inspection reports from a phone, tablet, or computer, removing the risk of error making and need to create manual reports.

They can submit their approval for draws and sign off on change orders from wherever they are most comfortable.